Unlock Your Creativity And Feel 
The Freedom And Its Power In Minutes
Your inner creative superpower is the key to opening the door 
to the best version of you.
Play the video below to get your FREE sample of the Create A Flow Tool.

Beautiful Art Can Be Made From 
The Create A Flow Tool 
Reawakening Your Creativity

What is an ArtSpa?

A 2 hour LIVE online workshop that includes tools to reawaken your creativity, plus a beautiful ArtSpa kit with luxurious art materials delivered right to your doorstep. Enjoy a full sensory spa experience by creating art and refreshing your soul.

Let Karen Mayer, artist and founder of SavvyArt Market, help you explore and tap into your creativity
to access the Present. Reap the benefits of pursuing your creativity. 

Please be assured this is not a “paint night” experience, resulting in another 
piece of unwanted art.

Find pleasure and joy in the power of connecting, slowing down and creating! 
Join with your friends or by yourself to experience ArtSpa. The retreat has been designed to surprise and spark your creativity, even if you don’t think you are creative. Reward yourself and be refreshed.

Why Is Creativity Important?

Here are some reasons why you would want to unlock your creativity to benefit your personal and work life:

• Become a better problem-solver
• More productive
• Better mental focus
• Stress relief
• Build confidence
• Forging new connections with positive and like-minded people
• Be more financially grounded (yes that's right!)
• Experience an expanded sense of time and inner peace
• Improved self-awareness and expression
• Experience freedom

Here's How It Works...

Sign Up For a Class Step 1
We Send You The Kit Step 2
Join Me Live 
Step 3
Share Your Creativity Step 4
Sign up for the class time that works best for you. We run them LIVE Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings on the Zoom platform, every 3 weeks. See the calendar on the website to choose a class. Send us a message if there's a better time or day that works for you and your friends.

We send an ArtSpa Kit to your home. No Peeking - we unbox together. The class begins with a discussion centred on creativity. You learn art skills and have fun with our tools, being Present. After a demonstration you create art that can be shared or displayed. All the while you feel supported and part of a community that cares about your wellness.

Here are the topics we cover:

• The benefits of creativity
•  The myth about creativity
• What blocks creativity?
• Rediscover and unlock of your creativity
• Unboxing together
• How to see
• Drawing Basics
• Create A Flow Tools - Expressing Emotion Visually
• Demonstration of the art materials
• Sharing creative expression
• Guided art activity
• Strategies fitting creativity into your life plus 5 Easy Steps
A Personal Letter 
from Karen Mayer
Dear Friends

So many women I meet are tired, exhausted and living robotically. What 2020 has given us is the realization that we take our health for granted. Good health should be our top priority.

I am Karen Mayer, artist and founder of SavvyArt Market and ArtSpa.
My superpower is combining art and wellness to re-energize my mind, body and soul. I created ArtSpa to help women do the same.

What if you could break the cycle of exhaustion and build yourself up again- be a better version of you? Being Present and doing things that inspire you is how to re-energize yourself to become your higher self.

Reawakening my creativity was the key for me. Finding and practicing a mix of art and wellness activities allowed me to be more energetic, happier and more successful in my daily life and career. 

I went from being an exhausted overworked career mom to an inspired, energetic business owner in the art industry. I want to help energize women who make the world a better place by reinvigorating their creativity.

I am super excited to share what I know and look forward to meeting you.

Be well!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose. See full money-back guarantee below.
An enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours! Karen was engaging and prepared with her presentation. Her mindful art activities and examples allowed you to be creative and all the while relaxed. There was a lot of support and encouragement offered with no judgement. Art is a journey and it was great to have this experience as it allowed me to explore and decompress at the same time. Thank you Karen!
 ~ Donna H.
Loved this opportunity to take a break, to create and to connect! It is a literal and metaphorical gift that you can give to yourself and to your friends. Thank-you!
~ Sandra M.
Great session. Good balance of information and creating time. The lead in exercises were fun. I felt energized after the session.
~ Lisa N.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you get when you buy an Artspa starter class...
  • 2 Hour LIVE workshop on Zoom platform, includes discussion and art making time
  • ArtSpa Kit delivered right to your home, shipping included mainland Canada and USA*
  • Kit components: 1 Graphite Pencil, 1 Tombow Mono Twin Permanent Black Marker, 1 Gold Sharpie Metallic Marker, 1 Silver Sharpie Metallic Marker, 1 Black MOMA Muji Gel Pen, 2 Sharpeners, 2 erasers, 1 Tortillon, 6 Blank Strathmore Creative Greeting Cards 5" x 7" with Envelopes, 1 Uhu Glue Stick, 2 Sheet Matte Dura-Lar Transparent 8.5" x 11", 2 Sheets Clear Dura-Lar Transparent 9" x 12", 1 Set of 12 colours - Premium Oil Pastels, 10 Sheets of 24lb White Printer Paper 8.5 x 11", 4 Sheets Clean Newsprint 8.5 x 11", 6 Q-tips, all contained in a white cardboard box 12-⅛" x 9-¼" x 2" 
  • ​* Additional charge for remote locations and worldwide shipping 
  • ​FREE copy of Savvy Art eBook published in 2020 called The Language of Art: A Primer (A $25 value)
Enrollment Open Now!
That's a lot of value $225 CAD 
On sale right now for
$105 CAD
Classes are filling up so hurry to get a seat!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose. See full money-back guarantee below.
Exercising Creativity Benefits Your Personal And Work Life
THIS INCREDIBLE class WILL help you unlock your hidden gifts and give a much-needed boost to your soul!
Join a community that is supporting each other! Be Present for yourself.  Boost your happiness chemicals and find joy in creativity.
So, what happens after I purchase a class?
You chose a future Tuesday or Thursday LIVE Zoom class. We send you an email confirmation to welcome you. Then we assemble your ArtSpa Kit and ship it out to you. We look forward to meeting you! **If the dates and times don't work for you, send us a message and we'll work with you to book what does work.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, if you not completely satisfied with the workshop, if you didn't have fun and enjoy the experience of being Present, we will reimburse you for the full cost of the workshop and you can keep the kit as our gift to you for giving us an opportunity to refresh your spirit. 
What’s next?
If you love the idea of ArtSpa Starter Class, we are so excited to share that we are busy working on the next step, the ArtSpa Online Class, an interactive 4 hour course that dives deeper into integrating creativity into your life to help your mind, body and soul be fit for what comes next. 

Sign up for the ArtSpa Starter Class to get started today! Click Below.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join the class with my own art materials?
Yes, we have a $69/class option for buying the class-only when you have your own art materials. 

Is there anything I need to prepare before the class?
Yes, there are a few items that are helpful to have ready. Scissors, a ruler, glass cleaner and a soft cloth, clear oil (for ex. mineral or baby oil)

Where can I buy the ArtSpa Kit items?
It's a tough question, because it depends on where you live. See list of kit components and Google it!
What if I live in a remote area?
Send us a message via our website www.artspa.ca contact page and provide delivery details. We'll prepare a quote for you.

Is there a maximum number of people?
No. We do breakout rooms during the creating time to keep the group interaction optimal.

Can I buy more ArtSpa kits?
Yes! Check the website and see there is an option to buy the kit only for $67 each, shipping included mainland Canada and USA. 
Can I book and attend a class right away?
It depends on where you live. If we can ship you the ArtSpa Kit to arrive before the class it will work out. You are welcome to pay a surcharge for rush shipping. Send us a message. 

I didn't get my ArtSpa Kit in time for the class?
No problem. We'll move you to the next available class as soon as you receive your kit.

My ArtSpa Kit never arrived. Now what?
No problem. Send us a message about your situation. We'll put a trace on your kit. We'll also move you to the next available class as soon as you receive your kit.

What if components are missing from my Kit?
Send us a message via our website www.artspa.ca contact page and provide details. We'll send you the missing parts. If needed, we can move you to the next available class when you have all your components.

Can you do a custom ArtSpa for my group?
Yes! We customize ArtSpa Classes for corporations, employees and groups. Click here for details.  

Can I buy a gift card?
Yes! You can buy ArtSpa Classes and Kits for gifts. We'll make you a virtual or physical gift card. Send us a message via our contact page on the website.

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
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