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For Every Art Lover Who Has Empty Walls and
Needs Help finding Affordable Art That will Give You The Decor You Really Want
From The Desk of: Karen Mayer

Re: Buying Fabulous Art For Less
Hi, I’m Karen Mayer and I am an art stylist who has helped interior designers and hundreds of people in North America style their homes with fabulous Canadian art, creating uplifting healthful spaces.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about buying fabulous art for less!

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's confidence in knowing the style and size of art that works best in your space.   
But that's not the whole problem. 
It is actually deeper than that! Why? Because...
If you feel lost and stuck because you are only finding art that doesn't inspire you or costs more than you want to spend! You can't get past the idea that buying art is really hard and that you have to be wealthy to collect art.

Each art search attempt you spend hours, scrolling through thousands of websites and pages, or browsing galleries and art fairs, thinking you are going to find the one artwork that you love and fits your space. Why not get help to make your search easier? Lots of our clients have, so you deserve the help.

Unable to make any decisions, you are left with an empty wall, nagging at you, and a want for visual comfort and joy.
Luckily for You There's Now A Solution to Your Problem!!
The Universe conspires to help you choose great art when you know how and where to look. 

That means you can buy great art for your home, elevating your well being and lifestyle.

I was so inspired I wanted to share what I learned with my friends and help others just like you!
Let Me Share A Quick Story...
How I Got So Involved With Styling Homes With Great Art
There I was, 10 years ago, working full-time, tending to every family member's needs, craving a well designed home from the magazine articles, but staring at blank walls and posters from our university days

Then, something amazing happened...

One day, I listened to an article on the radio about New York couple Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, who, over the course of 46 years, amassed an art collection of 3,900 pieces, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The story was so special because Herbert and Dorothy were not wealthyThey simply loved art and supported young artists just getting started. 

Herbert worked for the post office and never earned more than $23,000 per year. Dorothy was a librarian. Her salary was used to cover their living expenses while his salary went to purchasing art they loved. Eventually, they donated their entire collection to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., where others could enjoy it just as they had. 

I got so inspired! Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to buy great art for my home and elevate my lifestyle. Since I am a life-long artist with a business degree, I felt the confidence to make my renewed passion a business, so I could help others do the same. I'd found a way to give myself much needed rejuvenating energy.

I quit my job.  I was so compelled to do this. My inner artist was rejuvenated!

I started visiting artists in their studios to learn from them.  I created a website to feature artists and their work. But I didn’t stop there. I studied different types of art and services for all budget levels. And then, I began creating art styling and educational resources for art buyers. 

I call it “Savvy Art”. 
Karen Mayer
Born artist and creative with a renewed passion for living my healthiest life.

I started Savvy Art in 2010 after realizing that I needed refuge from the complications of life in order to be at my best. So I reignited my my passion for art, creating my own art plus supporting Canadian artists and promoting their work. .

I began educating art buyers when clients expressed their desire to better understand art and learn how to successfully buy art on their own.
Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If Your Walls Were Filled With Art That Inspires You?
You deserve the joy and fun experience of finding art that makes your soul sing without the frustration of wasting your valuable time or money.
Your art search really can be easier, lighter and happier, and your home decor so much better when you try a different way of getting the job done! Read on...
"Buy Fabulous Art For Less" Decoded
"Buy Fabulous Art For Less" Decoded is a bundle of products and services that immediately starts you on a successful art buying journey.

• Get the art you are searching for to fill your empty walls...
• Learn from an expert to make your search easier...
• Buy the art you love for less...
• Gain the confidence you need to buy the art that makes your soul sing...
• Experience the joy of living with the art that inspires you and your family…
... and much, MUCH more!

This Is What's Included In The Bundle...
Item 1: Help Me Get Started ! FREE Q & A Call
This private one-on-one phone call with an art stylist makes it easy for you to launch a successful art collecting journey.  First 15 to sign up get a phone call from Chief Art Stylist, Karen Mayer.

Unleash your art buying genius with the help of an expert art stylist.

Get tips on how to buy inspiring art on budget so you can complete your decor faster.

Item 2: Start Your Art Collection Now!
Choose one of 8 black and white 17" x 17" curated beautifully framed art prints that is your key to becoming an art collector instantly. 

Fill an empty wall immediately with an art stylist approved print for a fantastic price.

Enjoy the praise from friends and family for your artwork choice that completed your decor. 

See the 8 options to choose from below.  FREE SHIPPING.

Item 3: The Simply Style Survey
This survey helps you simplify your art search. You'll be able to refine your search, by learning what type of art and the elements of art you like! Once you know with clarity what you like, you will find the piece of art you're looking for faster!

This survey teaches you some basic principles of art and accompanies the questions with images of beautiful Canadian art.

Get immediate results from the survey and begin a more refined art search NOW for FREE!

Because I am so excited to offer you this bundle of goodness, ACT NOW and get these incredible FREE bonuses that you can't get anywhere else!
BONUS #1: FREE "How Do I Install Artwork?" Video
"How Do I Install Artwork?" Video

This FREE quick-start DIY video saves you hundreds of dollars not needing a professional installer.  

Feel empowered to hang your art knowing the tricks of the trade. 

WOW your friends, spouse and colleagues – they will be impressed you safely installed your art pieces (it's almost like magic). 

BONUS #2: FREE The Photo Gallery Wall Demystified
The Photo Gallery Wall Demystified
A FREE how-to guide is the secret for you to visualize, create and execute your own customized photo gallery wall.

Showcase your best photographs and assemble a fabulous feature wall.

Bypass frustration and avoid mistakes when creating your own photo gallery wall you can be proud of.

BONUS #3: FREE Top 10 New Art Buyer Mistakes to Avoid
Top 5 New Art Buyer Mistakes to Avoid
Imagine your happiness when you know ahead of time what mistakes not to make when shopping for art.

Speaking of time, look how much time you'll save by knowing how to collect art the right way, avoiding costly errors.

Get the knowledge from my experiences for FREE to steer you clear of any danger zones so you can fully enjoy your art collecting journey without worry.
This offer bundle is so incredible! Consider the benefits you are getting: 

 Get your questions answered during a personal conversation with an art expert about your specific challenges to reduce frustration or help you get started.

• Stuck where to start?  You get a FREE 17" x 17" high quality black and white print to start your collection instantly. So easy there you are, unstuck!

• Get immediate results from the FREE Simply Style Survey and begin a more refined art search to find the art you need FASTER!

PLUS you get fabulous bonuses: 

• Reduce your expenses to support your healthy art buying habit with a FREE video teaching you how to install art safely 

• Be creative and solve an empty wall using your own photography with a FREE guide to start your own DIY photo gallery wall, AND 

• Take advantage of the experience of others with a FREE tip sheet on mistakes to avoid for new art collectors.  

The huge value of the FREE bonuses alone are so irresistible for the bundle price! so irresistible compared to the price!
Act Now! 
Do Not Spend another Day staring 
at your blank walls
limited time offer!


"I recently purchase an oil painting from Karen... She spoke to the artist for me to get more background information on the motivation for the painting, which I really appreciated. Karen is pleasant and has a no pressure approach. You can tell that she knows, appreciates and loves art. I would recommend Karen and Savvy Art Market to anyone wishing to get some art into their life!"            ~ Diane, ON.
"Thank you so much! I really look forward to the delivery tomorrow! Thank you for being so kind, efficient, and personable!"                                                                         ~ Kate, N.J.
"Karen has and is still helping me find art and most importantly suggest a spot to display them in my small condo."                                                                                ~ Yuksel, ON.
100% Money Back Guarantee
If "Buy Fabulous Art For Less" Bundle doesn't help you start a successful search for art that you love.... if it doesn't support you as you find and buy fabulous art in the size and style you need and want... or if it fails to show you how to buy the art you love for less... then we'll refund your money if you act within 30 days of purchasing the program.  No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with acquiring this bundle. 
Imagine your walls with fabulous art that you bought by following....
The secrets of expert art buyers
You gain confidence with your art search project, supported by an art expert, and learn your preferred art style using our survey tool, and you get to start off your collection immediately with a curated black and white print! Crazy right? 

But there is more... 

You also get for FREE a video showing you how to install the artwork you buy, a FREE guide on how to create a gallery wall and a FREE tip sheet on mistakes that new art collectors can avoid. You get all of this for a crazy low price, because I want to share the joy of owning great art and supporting artists in the process. You get all of this with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Don't wait too long to decide to grab this bundle.  There is a limited supply of prints and limited number of appointment spots available for phone calls.  So act now and don't be disappointed with missing your opportunity to start enjoying your art collecting journey now!

Here's to your success buying fabulous art for less!


Karen Mayer
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • 1. Help Me Get Started! Q & A ($200 CAD Value)
  • 2. Start Your Art Collection Now Print ($170 CAD Value)
  • 3. The Simply Style Survey Tool ($50 CAD Value)
  • Bonus 1: Free How Do I Install Artwork? Video ($150 CAD Value)
  • Bonus 2: Free Photo Gallery Wall Demystified ($120 CAD Value)
  • Bonus 3: Free Top 10 Art Buyer Mistakes To Avoid ($97 CAD Value)
Total Value: $787 CAD
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $97 CAD
P.S.: If you would benefit from a confidence boost in knowing what style and size of art works best in your space, then "Buy Fabulous Art For Less" Decoded is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!
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