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Private Message from our Chief Art Stylist Karen Mayer!

ATTENTION: If You Want Help Styling Your Home - Read This Entire Letter


Message from Karen Mayer, Chief Art Stylist
Re: Savvy Art Stylists System: Tips, Tricks and Tools 

How would you like the support of a professional art stylist to help you find great art that inspires you and works the best in your space, quickly and easily?

Your first hurdle is believing you can find the art you desire. The next step is taking action!

But, sometimes taking action feels overwhelming, if you aren't confident about buying art or knowing what work the best.  

So, let's do it together.  

If you are reading this message, you received the Art Style Survey to help you narrow down the style of art you prefer. Now let's move you forward towards completing your room decor with art that makes your soul sing by helping you understand the results of your survey and showing you what to do next.

Now, this offer is NOT for everyone.

We're making it available to you because you took advantage of the Art Styling Survey. That means you are ready for help and are searching for answers.

And it's only available right here, right now at this incredibly discounted price.

We call it the Savvy Art Stylists System: Tips, Tricks and Tools.

Let me explain what this proven system is and how it will help you.

* I'll create a personalized art styling plan for your home with a live one on one consultation.
* I'll give you my Savvy Art Styling Tool to focus your art search and use on your own for future projects, and
* I'll give you personalized support for 3 months without spending another dime on consulting fees in exclusive bi-weekly 
   call-in Zoom coaching sessions only available for customers who buy this system.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 
Here is a story about why this program works...

At the beginning of March this year, I was catching up with Donna, a friend of mine. Last year both she and her husband retired and also just completed a main floor renovation of their house. They hired experts, interior designer and a contractor, to finish their renovation. 

With the total upgrade of the space she wanted to make sure the art she chose would complement her space but really desired to pick pieces that meant something to her and her family.  The task became overwhelming.  She had several empty walls in a few rooms and got stuck even getting started. She knew that wall art was important, but she didn't know what would work the best in the space... and how do you find art that you love?  

It never occurred to her that there are art experts that help with exactly this problem. She said she felt lost. She had a hard time "seeing" how the artwork would look in her space. Her newly renovated space was fresh, but her comfort zone for art wasn't. 

This is one of my favourite types of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects for the Savvy Art Stylist System: Tips, Tricks and Tools. We did an art styling plan for her main floor, hallway and stairway, using the Savvy Art Styling Tool, so she could see what size and type of art works best in the space and how the art in the rooms all worked together.  She used her copy of the Savvy Art Styling Tool to guide her online searches and shopping. We connected bi-weekly to check on her progress and answer her questions. As Donna shopped, she filled out the Keep Me Organized! Template so we could discuss the art options she favoured. As the project progressed Donna requested more support beyond the Savvy Art Stylist System: Tips, Tricks and Tools, which is completely acceptable. 

We bumped up her support to Do It Together and began our work in the family room.  Being able to provide diagrams and pictures of how the art would look in her space grew her confidence in selecting. With support, her anxiety and sense of overwhelm decreased. We decided to create a photo gallery wall over the sectional. We had fun putting that together.

She discovered that not every space needs original art. Some spaces you can use your family photos or heirlooms to create a statement. 

Knowing what a space needs is the key to successfully styling with art that elevates a room decor and makes you smile at every passing. 

We are working on her living room next, looking for an original for that feature spot. 

Stay tuned...
What You Get With Tips, Tricks And Tools...
Home Art Styling Plan
Get an art styling plan for your home and your questions answered during a live one-on-one zoom session with an expert art stylist. Show your space that needs art and get immediate answers from an expert about what size and type of art would work the best. Get the lifestyle you want with art that inspires you. 
Value $597 CAD
Savvy Art Styling Tool
Focus your art search on what you need with your personal copy of the ultimate art styling tool for your home. My clients say this tool makes it fun to search productively, and purchase strategically, the art you love and stay on budget.  You can re-use the tool for other spaces and projects. 
Value $250 CAD
Live Coaching Call-Ins with Karen
Get continuous support for another 3 months with bi-weekly call in sessions.  Ask an art stylist about the art you are finding and get her opinions and advice. Our goal is to help you find art that will truly make your soul sing. Send us what you have found and we'll give you advice on what options work the best.
Value $260 CAD
what you'll get
THREE Free Bonuses Included!
Mind if we keep giving you great products?  In addition to this extremely discounted art styling plan and tool, we'll also throw in massive value:

*Keep Me Organized! Template ($250)
*3 Months Free Membership to Savvy Art Club ($150)
*Special Coupon Code: 20% Off First 2 Purchases ($800)

See details for each bonus below.

what you'll get
This art-search template makes it a snap to keep your art search results organized.  ($250 CAD Value)

*Excel based template that's super easy to use
*Stay focused on the art you need and easily refer back to found options as you build your style. 
*Save time and your sanity so you can enjoy your art collecting journey and have fun!

what you'll get
THREE Months FREE Membership
Super exciting bonus opportunity to receive three months membership to the Savvy Art Inner Circle for free, valued at $150 CAD!  Benefits of membership include:

*Member-only access to one coaching call per month to ask an expert your art stying and search questions. That is in addition to any of your other offers.
*Enjoy the growing number of educational materials about art and design topics.
*Get behind the scenes access to artist studios and interviews.
*Get access to the growing list of best curated sites to shop for art.
*Be the first to enjoy art therapy sessions ready to launch soon.

what you'll get
Save 20% on Buying Art. FREE
Get a big discount off your first two art purchases through Savvy Art that makes it simple to buy the art you love and need for less.

*Find curated pieces that fit your decor and buy them for a limited time at 20% off.
*Offer expires 6 months from date of purchase
*Get the coupon code in the email (Value $800 CAD)

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the completed your room decor successfully, avoiding frustration, fear of making a mistake and time wasted falling down 
those internet rabbit holes?
Feeling Inspired? Click the red button below right now to get the Art Stylist's System: Tips, Tricks and Tools!

I guarantee it will help you to find the right art that works the best in your space or I'll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked.

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • 1. Home Styling Art Plan ($597 CAD Value)
  • 2. Savvy Art Styling Tool ($250 CAD Value)
  • 3. Live Coaching Call-Ins ($260 CAD Value)
  • Bonus 1: The Keep Me Organized! Template ($250 CAD Value)
  • Bonus 2: 3 Months Savvy Art Members Club ($150 CAD Value)
  • Bonus 3: Special Coupon Code - 20% discount ($800 CAD Value)
Total Value: $2,210 CAD
But today, you're getting all of this for...
Only $397 CAD
This one-time offer is only available right here, right now. Look at the incredible value!

When you leave this page, it's gone forever.

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Karen Mayer
Styling your home with art is a skill you can learn.  I created this incredible offer to give you the tips, tricks and tools you need to make your art buying journey fun and successful.  I believe you can have the joy of completing your home decor with art and it is my goal to show you how. Art is for everyone. 

Born artist and creative with a renewed passion for living my healthiest life.  I started Savvy Art in 2010 after realizing that I needed refuge from the complications of life in order to be at my best. I reignited my passion for art, creating my own art plus supporting Canadian artists and promoting their work.

I began educating art buyers when clients expressed their desire to better understand art and learn how to successfully buy art on their own.
Don't just take my word for it.

Take a look at what others are saying about 
Art Stylist's System For Buying The Art You Love: Tips, Tricks and Tools . . . 

"Wanted you to know how thrilled we are with the photos. John just loves them! 
He also said the heights you chose are perfect. Thanks for your work on them." 
~ Catherine, Ontario 

"Karen and her team were spectacular to deal with. I had a very tight timeline to 
coordinate the arrival of my furniture and hanging my art in advance of my 
Christmas party... After just a brief phone conversation... They were 
extremely helpful, prompt and wonderful to deal with.
~ Anne, Ontario

"Karen has an amazing ability to listen to what is important to us and make suggestions 
that are tailored to our unique needs and interests... She not only considered our budget, 
but consulted with me on several occasions to ensure that I was pleased with the final product." 
~ Sandra, Ontario
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If the Art Stylist's System For Buying The Art You Love: Tips, Tricks and Tools doesn't help you start a successful search for art.... if it doesn't support you as you find and buy art in the size and style you need and want... or if it fails to show you how to stay organized throughout your art search... then we'll refund your money.  No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with acquiring this bundle. 

Don't miss your chance to find the right for your space that inspires you! With Tips, Tricks and Tools this process has never been easier. 

Click the button now.

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